Board and Staff

Henry County Historical Society Officers & Board of Trustees

Gene Ingram – President
Kathy Rogers – Vice President
Vickie Graham – Secretary
JoAnn Edwards – County Funds Treasurer
Jeff Ray — Society Funds Treasurer

Katina Reedy – Trustee
Richard McKnight – Trustee
Karen Trissler – Trustee
Ann Rockwell – Trustee

Staff Members and Volunteers

A. Kaye Ford, Executive Director

Elizabeth Edstene – Volunteer
Gene Ingram – Volunteer
Mary Miller – Volunteer
Ann Rockwell – Volunteer
Mary Nichols – Volunteer
Jeff Ray – Volunteer
Karen Trissler – Volunteer
Mitch Soliday – Volunteer
Bernice Stacey – Volunteer
Kaye Ford – Volunteer
Barry Edstene – Volunteer