“Legacy Costs: The Story of a Factory Town”

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“Legacy Costs: The Story of a Factory Town”

Author Richard Hudelson visited the Museum on Saturday, April 21, to share some fascinating history that is the basis of his new book, Legacy Costs: The Story of a Factory Town.  Hudelson grew up in New Castle and recalls the days in the 1950s when labor struggles were very serious.  We thank him for spending quality time with us!

His book is available in our Gift Shop for $15 and is also signed with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Museum.  Stop by during business hours to pick up your copy!

To contact Mr. Hudelson:

richardhudelson@gmail.com or (218) 724-3865

We would also like to thank Sheila’s Bakery for providing some very tasty treats!

  1. Are you able to mail a signed copy of “Legacy Costs: The Story of a Factory Town” by author Richard Hudelson?

    • We will let you know this week. Thanks for writing! 🙂

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