Our History

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Our History

The Henry County Historical Society was founded in 1887 by a group of forward thinking┬ácitizens who knew the importance of preserving the county’s past, not only for their children and grandchildren, but for those of us who would dwell in a future time far from their comprehension. Up until 1901 the historical society held the semi-annual meetings, board meetings, and other gatherings in the Henry County Courthouse. This was standard practice for county historical societies in Indiana. That is if the county was fortunate enough to have a society; for many did not. Henry County was among the first three Indiana counties to found a historical society, and the first to have a permanent home for a county museum.

  1. I am looking for death certificates for Edwin Wesley Blew, born 23 Jan, 1832 in South River, NJ and died 4 May 1907, Henry Co, MO; and his wife, Lucy Ann Comstock, born abt 1828 in Pennsylvania; died 1906, Montrose, Henry Co, MO. I am aware that Henry Co. did not keep all records prior to 1911. Can you be of help? Thank you.

    • Dear Ms. McHenry,

      Thanks for writing! ­čÖé Please don’t be alarmed as this happens quite frequently, but our historical society is actually located in Henry County, Indiana. My guess is you’d find better results at http://henrycountymomuseum.org/. ­čÖé There are many Henry Counties in our great United States! I wish you much success on your quest! ­čÖé Kaye Ford, Executive Director

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