Family File Surname Index Online!

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Family File Surname Index Online!

***Updated as of November 2017***

Search our family file surname index for your ancestors! After opening the .pdf file, use Control + F (find), enter the surname you seek, and hit Enter.  If you find something interesting, come visit us!

Tip: Try different spellings…sometimes names were spelled phonetically.  For example, “Abbott” might be Abbott, Abbot, Abot, Abbot, Abit, Abitt, Abbit, etc.

Happy Hunting!

Surname Index of Family Files

  1. Would like to see the files.

    • Have you moved yet? If not, come in and visit! We’re open tomorrow 1-4:30 and Saturday 10-1. 🙂

  2. I found my family’s surname in the file. Since I don’t live in or even near Indiana, how can I learn more about what you have in their name? The surname is Watts.

    • Hi Elizabeth! Email us at with the information you seek (names, dates, places, etc., whatever you know). We’ll let you know what we are able to find and let you know the cost for copies. Thanks for writing! 🙂 Amanda Clark, Board Member and Volunteer

  3. Hi, My name is Marilyn. I have the Ellison and the Morris surname in the index. Do you offer a service for people that can not get to the Historical Society that can do a search?

    • Sent you an email! 🙂

  4. Im related to James and Elizabeth Tallman who are around Henry and Randolph Counties. I would love to see information you have on Tallman’s. I am connected to Elizabeth Tallman through her father Arthur Barrett.

  5. William Burke and Lenora Harris are my 6th Great Grandparents. If you have any information in your family folders please let me know and what it would cost to get copies.
    Thank you
    Tishia R. Martin
    Wichita, Kansas

  6. Hello,
    My father’s name is William S. Cunningham, he died in 1956. I am trying to find his parents names. They lived in New Castle. He had one sister, her name is Marie Plummer, she also lived in New Castle. Thank you for any help you can give me.
    Thresa Holden

  7. I’m excited to be planning a visit to HCHS next month! My surname is listed in the index. How do I make arrangements to view RATLIFF files? I will be there just after the FGS conference on Aug 27-28th. Also, there are a number of Historicalogs that I’d like to look at. Do I pull those off a shelf when I’m there or do I need to provide a list in advance? MANY, many thanks for your help in advance.

  8. I am looking for any information that you might have regarding my great-great aunt Gladys Coburn or her mother Maude Preston Coburn. Thank you so much, Kathy Coburn

    • Thanks for writing! I’ll send you an email. 🙂 Kaye

    • I never knew Glaldys Coburn, but I know she lived on Bundy Ave in New Castle, Indiana. I recall seeing her walking her dog many times back in the early fifties. I believe she was in the Ziegfield Follies earlier.

  9. I am in possession of a 1871 signature quilt signed by 36 women of the Richsquare community. We have been doing extensive research on each of these women. Surnames Wickersham, Macy, White, Stuart, Binford, Wilson. Johnson, Wilson and more. In some cases, three generations on the quilt. We have several gaps in life stories of some of the women. Would love to be able to research some of our mystery women. I live in upstate NY and have difficulty getting to you during the hours you are open. We are coming that way in early November and would like to meet someone to discuss this or do research. I am connected to the group the currently owns Richsquare Meeting House.

    • Hi there and thank you for writing! Will send you an email. 🙂 Kaye

  10. I am looking for any information for Edward and Dorothy Marie (Dewitt) Gorman. They are my great grandparents. Also looking for any information for Charles William Choate or Choat.

  11. My Great Grandfather, Charles Henry, established a railroad from Anderson to Indianapolis. Could he have anything to do with Henry County?

    • Hello Ms. Reynolds and thanks for writing! It looks like Mr. Henry was born in Hancock County, Indiana. ( It’s awesome that he coined the term “interurban”! As far as we know, he never came over this way, to Henry County. Our county was formed in 1822 and thought to be named after the county in Kentucky or after Patrick Henry. 🙂 Kaye Ford, Executive Director of HCHS

  12. David and Sarah (Dixon) Murphey were my 3 times great grandparents. I can find very little information after 1860 and 1870 either in Henry or in Madison counties. Do you have any information on either? I also would like to obtain a copy of Miles Murphey Sr’s. will. I will be travelling to your area in September.

    Thank you,


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